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Indonesia optimistic of reaching net zero emissions by 2060 or earlier

Indonesia is optimistic of reaching a net zero emissions target by 2060 or sooner, a senior minister said on Tuesday, after the government submitted updated nationally determined climate goals to the United Nations.

New Climate Action Pathway for Finance Sets out Roadmap for Markets & Real Economy

The UN Climate Change Secretariat has published a climate action pathway for finance which sets out a roadmap for financial markets and the real economy to align with a sustainable and resilient net-zero emissions future.
Patricia Espinosa

Patricia Espinosa: “There is no path to 1.5°C without the G20”

Ms. Espinosa highlighted the fact that resources for adaptation and resilience building are critical for the vast majority of developing countries. Because of this, 50 per cent of the total share of climate finance needs to be allocated to adaptation and resilience.

Menuju COP26 di Glasgow: Memperkuat aksi dan ambisi iklim Indonesia

Dalam COP26 Glasgow, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) akan mendorong negara-negara untuk memperbarui NDC mereka, sekaligus membuat strategi penurunan emisi GRK yang lebih ambisius.

Seminar Nasional: Indonesia Towards Net Zero Emission 2050

Dampak perubahan iklim menjadi isu besar dan krusial secara global. Melalui kerjasama dan perjanjian internasional, berbagai kebijakan mulai ditempuh baik dalam bentuk strategi adaptasi maupun langkah-langkah mitigasi.
Sustainable Start-Up in Creating Green Jobs as an Economic Disaster Management

National Webinar

The choice of a green economy can provide hope in facing the economic downturn due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Seminar Nasional

Indonesia Towards Net Zero Emission 2050


International Webinar

Learning and Skills Development for Green Recovery: Building Back Better with Low Carbon Development in Indonesia