The welfare of humanity depends on the earth’s life support systems and in its process to achieve it, human actions affect the earth’s life support systems condition, so that the balance needs to be sustained.


The Environment Institute was established in 2010 and has been being dedicated for the nature and humanity. The vision of the organization is to become a part of global entity in sustaining the earth’s life support systems for the human welfare. The three missions of the Environment Institute are to collect, produce, and share knowledge for environmental preservation and social welfare, to take a part in environmental and social actions, and to establish and strengthen local and global partnership networks.

In the light of vision and in order to meet the missions, the Environment Institute defines some objectives. The first objective is to conduct the research which can provide the maximum benefit of environmental preservation for local and global communities. The organization is also designed for providing consultancy, education and training services in the environmental, social and economic to other parties in order to sustain environmental, social and economic harmony. Consider the importance of collective action, the organization is also aimed to build partnerships with other parties for environmental preservation efforts, enhancing community welfare and sustainable development. Initiating social action for environmental conservation and humanity is an objective that reflect the key role of social issues on environment problems. The Environment Institute is expected to contribute on science based action by publishing the research and information related to the field of environmental, social and economic issues.

Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa
Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa

Founder and CEO of the Environment Institute