Published On: 24 April 2018

A Brief Note

Yogyakarta, Sunday 22 April 2018

Indonesia’s Network of Experts on Climate Change and Forestry (APIKI Network) was established in 2014 and aimed to support national, regional, and global efforts to achieve the global goals on facing climate change. The organization involves 457 academicians, researchers, and practitioners from 101 universities and research institutions in Indonesia. APIKI Scientists Gathering agenda was held to contribute on the 3rd Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit, particularly in order to consolidating subnational REDD+ implementations to align with the National Strategy of NDC Implementation. APIKI Network took note some key issues as presented below:

  1. Bibliometrical review on REDD+ research in Indonesia showed challenges for stakeholders and research institutions to encourage and strengthen Indonesia REDD+ research, including research cooperations and alignment to support the Indonesia’s NDC target;
  2. At subnational context, disparities among provinces on economic, human development, and environment quality aspects need to be strongly considered for REDD+ Implementations at subnational level. Local context on economic, social, and ecological aspects should be put as a fundamental platform to achieve NDC’s land based sectors;
  3. At national context, government’s efforts on GDP percapita improvement and massive infrastructure development in the last few years should be taken into account for forestry and low emission development policies;
  4. Facilitating on stakeholders engagement need to be significantly improved, especially to develop awareness and ownership of regional government leaders, informal leaders, and subnational political leaders concerning the subnational supports and commitment on the mainstreaming of NDC into regional development;
  5. The trend of national greenhouse gases reminds the importance of promoting the urgency of mitigation and adaptation capacity issues and enhancing capacity-building activities at national and subnational level.

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