Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa

Biden Extends Green Funding Opportunities in Indonesia

Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa

It is estimated that there will be a drastic change in policy of the United States when Biden is appointed as a new president. It will have implications for a more environmentally friendly world economy, stated by Emil Salim, in Indonesia Environment Talks 2020 Series 5, Saturday, November 21st , 2020. Currently being prepared by the White House Climate Council, which is equivalent to the domestic and economic entity of the United States, shows that environmental issues and climate change have become the mainstream of domestic and foreign policies. The Environment Institute held a webinar focusing on the issue of measuring United States policies on the environment, global warming and climate change during the Joe Biden administration.

Regarding Indonesia’s commitment in reducing global emissions and increasing climate resilience, Mahawan Karuniasa, Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the University of Indonesia and Founder of the Environment Institute also said that Indonesia needs to be proactive to take advantage of this momentum to increase bilateral relation with United States in green funding and investment. The Biden administration is increasing green funding opportunities in Indonesia, he said.

Also attending the discussion were Siswanto, a political expert from LIPI, Fabian Pascoal from the Los Angeles ASEAN Community, and Arifi Saiman, the Indonesian Consulate General in New York. Arifi noted the importance of maintaining friendship with the Republican Party, as part of society and the democratic system in the United States.

As it is known, currently Indonesia is preparing a Long Term Strategy – Low Carbon and Climate Resilient (LTS-LCCR) document. The changes that are occurring in the United States when Biden is elected as president, will certainly provide positive support for various Indonesian policies in the transition to environmentally friendly development.


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