Published On: 17 September 2020

The politicians’ commitment and efforts from various parties in conserving the environment has become a milestone in Indonesia, it is called environmentally friendly politics, said Mahawan Karuniasa, founder and director of the Environment Institute. It is quite surprising due to the existence of the politicians and a green political agenda before, but this collective commitment is good news for Indonesia.

This commitment was expressed by members of the parliament who attended the Webinar Indonesia Environment Talks 2020 Series 4, organized by the Environment Institute on Thursday, 17th  September 2020, in collaboration with the Climate Reality Project, Radesa Institute, and Starborn . Deputy Chairman of Indonesia Parliament, Muhaimin Iskandar, as well as the members from various factions, such as Sugeng Suparwoto from Nasdem, Budisatrio Djiwandono from Gerindra, Dyah Roro from Golkar, Luluk Nur Hamidah from PKB, and Slamet from PKS.

On this occasion, Muhaimin Iskandar as the keynote speaker stated that even though he was faced with various pressing and important dilemmas, it was clear that Indonesian politics was committed to environmental conservation efforts such as nature conservation, climate change, and other environmental issues. Furthermore, he explained, nature provides life support to all of us as humans.

The politicians representing the various parties agreed that environmental issues need to be part of the political system, including the 2020 simultaneous regional elections currently taking place. Even Budisatrio from Gerinda asked to be more intensive and concrete in realizing the role of legislative and political parties in dealing with environmental damage and realizing sustainable development in Indonesia, as well as for its contribution to the international world.


Press Release - New phase of Indonesia: Environmentally Friendly Politics

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