Published On: 5 March 2020

Every regional leader certainly has a big influence on the economic and environmental conditions in his area. Therefore, KPU (general election commission) through KPUD (regional general election commission) plays a very important role in protecting the environment, through its policies in the 2020 regional election process. This was said by Mahawan Karuniasa, Director of the Environment Institute in Ngobrol Aspirasi Lestari event, at the KNPI Building, Cianjur Regency in order to encourage the awareness of millennials to speak out about the importance of environmental issues in the competition for regional leaders.

In 2020, regional elections are being held simultaneously. Meanwhile, natural disasters, especially hydrometeorological disasters such as floods, landslides, and whirlwinds, have seen a sharp increase since 2002, from 143 to more than 3700 incidents in 2019. The role of regional leaders in managing spatial planning and regional development is one of the determinants of reducing risk disaster and economic losses due to environmental damage. Millennials are in an important position to make this happen.

Therefore, it is time for the KPU to take part and take responsibility in environmental affairs by ensuring that regional leaders have a vision and mission for the environment, which is also closely related to the success of the regional economy, Mahawan concluded.


Press Release - It is Time for KPU to be Involved in Determining Environmental Conditions

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