Published On: 14 December 2018

APIK Indonesia Network. At the UN conference on climate change (COP 24) which was held in Katowice Poland, Indonesia became a pilot for developing countries in capacity building for climate change control. Being a pilot for other developing countries is certainly a matter of pride, but it also needs to be addressed as a momentum to continue increasing the capacity of both mitigation and adaptation to climate change, said Mahawan Karuniasa, a member of the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) in Katowice.

Indonesia has won the trust of countries in the Asia Pacific to represent the membership of the PCCB. The main mandate of the PCCB is to deal with problems and efforts to increase the capacity of developing countries in facing climate change.

PCCB is currently preparing a capacity-building gap and needs assessment document. The study will produce recommendations for the next COP decision. This document is an important agenda for the PCCB in carrying out its main mandate.

The study of capacity in Indonesia that has been carried out needs to be continued and refined for the implementation of NDC starting in 2020. Mahawan gave two important notes related to capacity problems in Indonesia. The first, the lack of role of politicians or legislators in controlling climate change. The second, it is time for the cross-sectoral issues of climate change to be addressed or as a priority for the coordinating ministry.


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