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Indonesia optimistic of reaching net zero emissions by 2060 or earlier

Indonesia is optimistic of reaching a net zero emissions target by 2060 or sooner, a senior minister said on Tuesday, after the government submitted updated nationally determined climate goals to the United Nations.

Pakar: Waspada Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca

Pakar lingkungan dari Universitas Indonesia (UI), Mahawan Karuniasa meminta agar seluruh pihak dapat mewaspadai emisi gas rumah kaca.

Indonesia to consider climate in disaster mitigation after natural disaster surge | The Jakarta Post

Recent studies suggest that countries will need to reach a net-zero target for all greenhouse gases emissions by 2068 at the latest in order to limit the warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Indonesia, UAE committed to driving economic transformation: minister | Antaranews

Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are committed to an economic transformation for the future, wherein knowledge, innovation, and technology will drive their economies.

Nickel giant Vale Indonesia’s profits grow despite pandemic | The Jakarta Post

PT Vale Indonesia (INCO), one of Indonesia’s largest nickel mining companies, booked more than a 40 percent increase in profit last year as it benefitted from low fossil fuel prices despite making slightly less in revenue than in 2019.

Penurunan Emisi Setelah UU Cipta Kerja

Relevansi UU Cipta Kerja lebih kuat pada isu strategi jangka panjang-rendah karbon dan ketahanan terhadap iklim (lLTS-LCCR).